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Kevin Channell

Intervale Center
Farm Business Specialist
Burlington, Vermont
Kevin began his career in agriculture raising organic produce as an apprentice through NOFA-VT in 2004. Near the end of 2005 he and his wife co-founded a diverse organic farm in Fairlee, VT called Your Farm. They grew the farm through direct to market sales and a CSA. In 2010 they began the Farm Viability Program through VHCB and worked with the Intervale’s Success on Farms Program to grow their business, expanding a winter CSA and selling into the Boston markets. In 2013, Kevin and his wife started a family and successfully transferred the ownership and management of the farm to an aspiring couple who originally began their farm at the Intervale Center’s Farm Incubator. Kevin continues to enjoy raising produce in their family garden and mixed livestock at their small farm in Reading, VT. He is utilizing his background in agricultural lending and continuing his education through a Master’s program in Economics and Business Administration to help grow farms in Vermont.